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Artist Talk, Megan Cope

Artist Talk, Megan Cope

17 June 2017

Listen as Megan Cope discusses about her work, Foundations II, in Material Politics: our current exhibition that features artists who use everyday materials and approaches to explore issues of ecology, inequality, surveillance, and sovereignty.  

Cope explored this work, together with a broader discussion of her artistic practice, and the themes that continue to impact her work. This artist talk was opened by IMA Co-Director, Aileen Burns.

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In Colour: Diana Young

In Colour: Diana Young

This talk is about the relational qualities of colours. Colours as palettes—those marauding squads of socially and culturally recognised hues—which get what they need by working together. Diana Young discussed some palettes of colour in landscapes, art works and exhibitions to understand what it is colours can do together. This lecture was officially opened by IMA Senior Manager, Madeleine King.  
25 May 2017

In Colour, debate

In Colour, debate

The 2017 In Colour lecture series opened with a debate that will helped to find an answer to the question: is contemporary art chromophobic?

Two experts on aesthetics, Professors Susan Best (affirmative) and Andrew McNamara (negative), went head-to-head on whether colour still matters in contemporary art.

The debate was chaired by In Colour series curator, Madeleine King, and officially opened by IMA Co-Directors Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh. Official rebuttals from the affirmative and negative were followed by an ‘audience rebuttal’, with comments and questions from the floor.

9 March 2017

Dieter Roelstraete

Turn! Turn! Turn! Reconsidering Art as Historiography

International curator Dieter Roelstraete considers his past notions of art as an historical or historiographic tool using retrospective exercises.

13 December 2016

Tirdad Zolghadr

Artist As Quarry

The Artist As… Quarry traces the role and political rationale of self-marginalisation within the moral economy of contemporary art


8 November 2016