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Bianca Mavrick Horizon Earrings (Teal)

50 g
16 x 14 x 1 cm


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Two half circles together bring a decidedly 60’s vibe! Rolling surf waves, meeting the horizon to remind you of those lazy beach days.

A statement drop earring made from a  yelllow 30 mm diameter tough colour coated brass disc,  unique half circle motifs and sterling silver ear posts, backs and rings for delicate ears.

Resin coloured in blue, teal, and metallic sand tones. Due to the nature of the material, every pair has subtle variations in the way the resin drop shape is coloured and patterned. Each is unique and completely inimitable!

Made from sterling silver, coated brass and uniquely pigmented and marbled resin, hand sanded for a matte finish.

Length 7.5 cm, width 4 cm Weight 30 grams

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