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Sweet Tjala Tea Towel

Town Camp Designs is a collection of products created by Ewyenper Atwatye, Tangentyere Artists and Yarrenyty Arltere Artists. It is an 100% Aboriginal owned and run art centre. All sales directly support the artists, with all profit going towards artists fees and future projects.

100% linen tea towel designed by Patricia Robinson of Tangentyere Artists.

Tjala is the Pintupi Pitjantjatjara word for honey ant. Honey ants live in deep underground nests and it requires a lot of skill to collect them. You eat the ant by holding its body and popping the abdomen filled with honey-like syrup into your mouth.

(50×70 cm) in flax colour.
Sourced from Linen Line Australia (QLD).
Screen Printed: QLD, Australia.


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