Visaya Hoffie – Teapot

For IMA shop event Vessels, Visaya presents a glazed stoneware teapot with lid that doubles as a cup.

Who are you ? Visaya Hoffie
What did you make ? A specialised liquid container that looks like a traditional teapot.
Why did you make it ? The teapot has a long history within art, all with interrelated traditions across the globe. Also, there’s a ceremonial aspect to tea drinking that changes from culture to culture, but that tends to bring a sense of formality to the sharing of tea drinking. I wanted to make a teapot that references this but that also references characters from my youth. Doraemon and Shin-Chan from Japan and Pink Panther and Bugs Bunny from the US. I’ve done this through decorating the vessel in nostalgic iconography that was central to my own upbringing. For me it symbolises the vessel of youth.

Visaya Hoffie is a Queensland based artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art in 2016. Trained as a painter, her work often engages a range of different media including sculpture, painting, printmaking, embroidery and assemblage.
Blurring the boundaries traditionally used to define and separate cultural production, her work challenges hierarchies and the authority of ‘taste’. Visaya’s work merges high art references to those of popular culture—her imagery grabs advertising clickbait and shoves it
together with naive drawing styles, or stitches together craftwork skills with often unsettlingly cute imagery. Visaya’s artistic practice seamlessly extends her collaborative small business ventures with
the more familiar roles of a visual artist. Her imagery brings together the observations made during her extensive experiences in other cities, and her love of the incidental, the everyday, the local, the overlooked, the rejected, the dejected. and the downright stupid.