• Free Public Art Gallery
  • Opening Hours
  • Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm
  • First Thursday of Every Month 11am–9pm
  • Tom Nicholson

    Drawings and correspondence

    24 March–2 June 2018

    Current Exhibition
  • Lu Forsberg

    Transparency and other worries

    5 May–2 June 2018

    Current Exhibition
  • Loops and Knots

    Youth Weaving Workshop with Sonja Carmichael

    Saturday 26 May, 11am–4pm

    Weaving Workshop
  • In Conversation,

    Clare Land & Bogaine Spearim

    Thursday 24 May, 6–8pm

    In Conversation
  • In Conversation,

    Deb Alvoen, Lu Forsberg & Amelia Hine

    Saturday 26 May, 2–3pm

    In Conversation
  • The Commute

    First Nations sovereignties and dialogues across the Great Ocean

    September–December 2018

  • Corps à Corps

    Céline Condorelli with Dirk Yates & Pete Shields


    Courtyard Commission

Art Experiences for Young People

16 May 2018

The IMA is passionate about providing learning opportunities for both young people and adults through...

Loops and Knots: Weaving Workshop with Sonja Carmichael

26 May 2018

Loops and Knots is a series of four free weaving workshops for young people aged...

Experimental Live Score, ‘Häxan’

Talk Date: 19 April 2018

Listen to the spine tingling experimental live score performed by Lucy Cliche and Naomi Blacklock. Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and...

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