• Free Public Art Gallery
  • Opening Hours
  • Tuesday–Saturday 11am–6pm
  • First Thursday of Every Month 11am–9pm
  • Tom Nicholson

    Drawings and correspondence

    24 March–2 June 2018

    Current Exhibition
  • Lu Forsberg

    Transparency and other worries

    5 May–2 June 2018

    Current Exhibition
  • Loops and Knots

    Youth Weaving Workshop with Sonja Carmichael

    Saturday 26 May, 11am–4pm

    Weaving Workshop
  • In Conversation,

    Clare Land & Bogaine Spearim

    Thursday 24 May, 6–8pm

    In Conversation
  • In Conversation,

    Deb Alvoen, Lu Forsberg & Amelia Hine

    Saturday 26 May, 2–3pm

    In Conversation
  • The Commute

    First Nations sovereignties and dialogues across the Great Ocean

    September–December 2018

  • Corps à Corps

    Céline Condorelli with Dirk Yates & Pete Shields


    Courtyard Commission

Art Experiences for Young People

16 May 2018

The IMA is passionate about providing learning opportunities for both young people and adults through...

In Conversation, Clare Land & Bogaine Spearim

24 May 2018

Hear activist and writer Clare Land in conversation with activist Bogaine Spearim, presented in conjunction with Tom Nicholson’s...

Live Score, ‘Häxan’ by Lucy Cliché & Naomi Blacklock

Talk Date: 19 April 2018

Listen to the spine tingling experimental live score performed by Lucy Cliche and Naomi Blacklock. Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and...

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