Future Exhibitions

Courtyard Commission: Vernon Ah Kee

30 July 2016 onwards

Maryam Jafri

30 July–8 October 2016

Luke Willis Thompson

30 July–8 October 2016

Nicholas Mangan

29 October–18 December 2016

Upcoming Events

IMA Talk, Ryan Presley
30 June 2016

Frontier Imaginaries contains two works by artist Ryan Presley which traverse many of the themes and histories he has been investigating for...

IMA Talk, Brett Leavy
6 July 2016

Brett Leavy is an Indigenous artist, immersive heritage specialist, inventor, and the driving force behind Virtual Songlines. In consultation with historians...

small john chantler 2013_2
MONO22: John Chantler
7 July 2016

John Chantler is a true stalwart of Room40’s fifteen-year history, exemplifying the label's divergent reach. Born in Bundaberg, he has lived...

Towards the Possible Film
Queensland Film Festival
9 July 2016

Now in its second year, Queensland Film Festival seeks to re-energise local film culture by providing a stimulating environment for...

Closed For Install
10 July 2016

The IMA will be closed for install from 10 July to 29 July 2016. The gallery will re-open on Saturday...