IMA Talks

For forty years, the IMA has been vital space for conversations about contemporary art. We offer an extensive public program, including artist talks, lectures, and presentations. On this page, you can browse a selection of talks, and listen to them at your own leisure.

In Colour, Kimberley Moulton

In Colour, Kimberley Moulton

26 September, 2017

Seeing in Blak and White; On a Scale of One to 1788 How Authentic Are You? What influence does the collection of historical cultural material in both...

Artist Talk, Megan Cope

Artist Talk, Megan Cope

17 June 2017

Listen as Megan Cope discusses about her work, Foundations II, in Material Politics: our current exhibition that features artists who use everyday m...

In Colour, Diana Young

In Colour, Diana Young

25 May 2017

This talk is about the relational qualities of colours. Colours as palettes—those marauding squads of socially and culturally recognised hues—whic...

In Colour, debate

In Colour, debate

9 March 2017

The 2017 In Colour lecture series opened with a debate that will helped to find an answer to the question: is contemporary art chromophobic? Two e...

Dieter Roelstraete

Turn! Turn! Turn! Reconsidering Art as Historiography

13 December 2016

International curator Dieter Roelstraete considers his past notions of art as an historical or historiographic tool using retrospective exercises.

Tirdad Zolghadr

Artist As Quarry

8 November 2016

The Artist As… Quarry traces the role and political rationale of self-marginalisation within the moral economy of contemporary art  

Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll

15 October 2016

Artist/art historian, Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll launches Art in the Time of Colony in conversation with Dr Amelia Barikin, Lecturer in Art Histor...

Brook Andrew

The Artist As… Archivist

13 Aug 2016

The fifth in The Artist As… series, co-presented with Curatorial Practice at Monash Art Design and Architecture, Brook Andrew reflects on his c...

Tara McDowell

The Artist as Initiator

24 Aug 2016

In the fourth lecture in our year-long series The Artist As… co-presented with Curatorial Practice at Monash Art Design and Architecture, Assoc...

Ryan Presley

30 June 2016

Brisbane artist Ryan Presley discusses his works that traverse many of the themes and histories he has been investigating for the past several years,...

Brett Leavy

Virtual Songlines

6 July 2016

Brett Leavy is an Indigenous artist, immersive heritage specialist, inventor, and the driving force behind Virtual Songlines  

Sara Jordenö

Not About Us Without Us – art, film, and situated knowledge

14 June 2016

Jordenö talks about her method of collaboration in documentary cinema and social public art projects.

Upcoming Events

Hannah Brontë: Umma’s Tongue–molten at 6000°
13 January 2018

Her core is molten at 6000 degrees, the same temperature as walking on the sun. She has been dormant for...

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14 January 2018

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