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Artlink Contemporary Art of Australia & Asia Pacific

Indigenous- Visualising Sovereignty Issue 41:3 December 2021


Eds.: Una Rey, Ali Gumillya Baker, Paola Balla

Publisher: Artlink Australia

112 Pages

ISBN: 977072712300903

This issue is a dynamic response to Tuscarora artist, curator and scholar Jolene Rickard’s theory of ‘visual sovereignty’, a vital, non-Western / Hodinöhsö:ni approach to thinking through Indigenous contemporary art.  Co-editors Ali Gumillya Baker and Paola Balla engage with Rickard’s ideas in an Australia-Pacific context, inspiring a series of essays and images by emerging and established First Nations writers and artists. These creative forms span the visual, poetic and performative: they articulate powerful expressions of relational sovereignty, political autonomy, renewal and survival strategies in diverse manifestations of visual sovereignties.


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