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Motto IMA


Motto Distribution started in Zurich in 2007 and has now expanded to a worldwide network of stores dedicated to books, magazines, artists’ publications, and editions. Motto IMA is a specialist book shop hosted within the institution, functioning as a platform for discourse around publishing within an expanded field of art and design. The selection is carefully curated by Motto and IMA staff.

This collaborative initiative builds on the IMA’s rich history of publishing. The IMA publish between three and five volumes a year, most of them in tandem with our exhibition program. Recent publications has been co-published with Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne; The Power Institute, The University of Sydney; and Sternberg Press, Berlin.

Events in Motto IMA

In collaboration with the IMA and separately, the bookstore hosts talks, readings, book launches, and features projects and events organised by artists or other art professionals. Please sign up for IMA’s newsletter for information about events in the bookstore.

Order Online

Please contact the bookstore if you wish to order titles online.

New Motto IMA Stock!

Or, a camera Or, a building Or, a screen

Ruth Buchanan

‘What is the moon?’

Rodrigo Hernández


André Gelpke

Towards a Further Word

Katarina Zdjelar

Dan Boden – Soft (LP), DFA Records

Dan Boden

Art in Times of Gray Democracy

Julia Kurz, Joanna Warsza, Franciska Zólyom (Eds.)

Fivehundred places 2015 set

Jason Dodge (Ed.)

Alternative Mainstream: Making Choices In Pop Music

Gert Keunen

Forms of Formalism N.2

Bert Danckaert, Daniel Everett and Julian Faulhaber (Eds.)

“Fara Fara” – a Film Not Made

Carsten Höller


Joji Koyama

Improvising sculpture as delayed fictions

Felicia Atkinson

The Co-op Principle – Hannes Meyer and the Concept of Collective Design

Werner Möller and Tim Leik (Eds.)

Esprit Reprise

Dena Yago

USA 1972

Mario Bellini

Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy

Patrick Alexander, Martina Lussi (Eds.)

Zweikommasieben #11 Figure 1, Figure 2

Patrick Alexander, Martina Lussi (Eds.)

Figure 1, Figure 2

Fireflies #2 Abbas Kiarostami and Béla Tarr

Annabel Brady-Brown, Giovanni Marchini Camia (Eds.)

Texte Zur Kunst No. 97 / “BOHEMIA”

Isabelle Graw (Ed.)

Acts of Voicing

Hans D. Christ, Iris Dressler, Christine Peters (Eds.)

Ape Culture

Anselm Franke & Hila Peleg (Eds.)

Black Mountain (English)

Eugen Blume, Matilda Felix, Gabriele Knapstein, Catherine Nichols