Aha Ensemble
  • Aha Ensemble member Allycia Staples, 2020. Photo: Jorge Serra.


Aha Ensemble

Absolutely Everybody Judges

30 July–01 October 202230 Jul–01 Oct 2022


Artist collective Aha Ensemble present a newly commissioned participatory installation Absolutely Everybody Judges. Working across Southeast Queensland and driven by an ethos of connection, curiosity, and care, Aha Ensemble use their bodies to explore representation, question value, and challenge assumptions about ways of being in the world.

Having worked primarily in performance, Absolutely Everybody Judges is the collective’s first installation. Underpinned by the principles of the social model of disability; where inclusion and participation is determined by how well particular environments accommodate individual needs, the collective will construct their own dynamic world. An improvised interaction between Aha Ensemble and audience members will create a documented dialogue where hierarchies are upended, limits are undermined, power dynamics reversed, and assumptions playfully undone and captured in a multi-sensory installation.

Aha Ensemble is the recipient of the 2022 Jeremy Hynes Award, made possible through a bequest from the family of artist Jeremy Hynes.

During the performance activations of Absolutely Everybody Judges, the exhibition will not be open to the public. You can book into an activation on Friday 9 September, Saturday 10 September, Saturday 17 September, or Saturday 1 October here.

Artist Bio
Aha Ensemble

Aha Ensemble is a Queensland-based, disability-led collective of performance artists. In 2015, it was initiated by Daniele Constance, with support from Access Arts, to develop artists who identify with disability. Members’ practices include training and creating work across South-East Queensland, nationally, and internationally (including New York, Portugal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Korea). Members include Kayah Guenther, Allycia Staples, Mitchell Runcie, Megan Louise West, Tara Heard, Rebecca Dostal, and Ruby Donohoe, with Director Daniele Constance and Creative Producer Emma-June Curik.