Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens

No Bad Days

03 May–21 June 200803 May–21 Jun 2008

Yoga . . . do you go for exercise, for relaxation, for spiritual guidance, or because there are a bunch of hot singles and a sexy instructor?—Grant Stevens

A former Brisbanite, now based in Los Angeles, Grant Stevens is known for his pithy text-videos exploring vernacular and mass-media truisms and recalling advertising, movie trailers, and meditation videos. Stevens trades in cliches, platitudes, and stock phrases but also points to their richness, probing the overlap between mass-media fictions and lived reality. While some of his works play on language’s slipperiness, others emphasise its hyper-lucidity. Against the backdrop of modern life’s impossibly hyperactive schedules, his new works go fishing for personal reflection, self-help, new age spirituality, and other ways to get a grip. No Bad Days includes a video text mandala and a found waterfall wallpaper mural with an inset sound system.

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