Jae Hoon Lee

Jae Hoon Lee

A Leaf

22 April–27 May 200622 Apr–27 May 2006

A few years ago Korean-born New-Zealand-based artist Jae Hoon Lee began using a flat bed scanner to digitally document his bad skin. He recorded sores, pores, freckles, and hairs in gross detail, pressed up against the glass. He collaged the scans to suggest vast sheets of skin, uncannily flat bodyscapes. Sometimes he digitally healed his skin, other times digitally multiplied sores. These deranged self-portraits were presented as videos, scrolling across the image. A Leaf evolved from these works. Lee scanned and collaged leaves to create a massive meta-leaf with a continuous spine. Scrolling down the image, the video suggests a leaf rapidly growing, mutating. As A Leaf passes through green summer leaf, red autumnal leaf and dead winter leaf, it evokes seasonal cycles, life and death, combining a sublime-monstrous organicism with a sense of glitchy techno-digital artifice. The soundtrack could be cicadas, could be electronic noise.

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