Julia Gorman and Emily Floyd

Julia Gorman and Emily Floyd

The New Silhouette

09 September–14 October 200609 Sep–14 Oct 2006

Developed out of a joint residency at Melbourne’s Meat Market, Emily Floyd and Julia Gorman’s playful exhibition dialogues on the language of sculpture. Spelling out an excerpt from Anna Chave’s seminal feminist essay ‘Minimalism and Biography’, Floyd’s installation seeks a feminist voice within the masculine paradigm of minimalism, testing the relevance of feminism for contemporary art. Gorman’s adhesive vinyl wall drawings and her sheet-metal and cardboard-and-balloon sculptures riff on modernist sculpture from Calder to Hepworth, Warner Brothers cartoons, and 1970s graphic design. Her forms and materials suggest doubt, paranoia, insecurity and fear, as well as parties and fun

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