Scott Redford

Scott Redford

No Place Like Home

29 July–02 September 200629 Jul–02 Sep 2006

We’ll be at the Melbourne Art Fair (2–6 August) presenting No Place Like Home, a new project by Brisbane’s Scott Redford. The show develops out of his recent models for public sculptures based on Las Vegas–style Gold Coast motel signage. Redford is fascinated by the Gold Coast, his home town, with its Las Vegas flourishes, its pastel high-rises, and surfer boys. He sees it as a parallel world that fulfills and contradicts our notions of modernity and post-modernity. He explains: ‘What attracts me is that no matter what is said about it, it will always exceed and disappoint our expectations. It is a sort of rebus or mirror. It can be projected onto and reviled. It is both beautiful and a whore. Utopia and dystopia. You get the picture? I think it is ART.’ Redford’s Melbourne Art Fair project will argue a link between the Gold Coast’s motel signs and Russian revolutionary-period ‘event architecture’, like Tatlin’s infamous Monument to the Third International. It will also include two new ‘surf paintings’, paintings made using surfboard making materials and techniques.

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