Event Amalia Pica & Rafael Ortega

Amalia Pica & Rafael Ortega

Artist Talk

03 February 2018

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At 5pm Saturday 3 February hear from artist Amalia Pica and filmmaker Rafael Ortega as they introduce the second chapter of Pica’s two-part exhibition please open hurry. The exhibition features newly commissioned works, supported by the Keir Foundation and developed by Pica on a residency at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, USA, in 2017, where the artist deepened her understanding of interspecies communication. Pica worked with leading primatologists to expand her knowledge of chimpanzee language capacities and what meaning might be shared between humans and their distant relatives. After the talk, at 6pm, join us for the double opening of the second chapters of Pica’s please open hurry and Goldin+Senneby’s Standard Length of a Miracle (The Bootleg).