Event Goldin+Senneby & Amalia Pica

Goldin+Senneby & Amalia Pica

Double Opening

18 November 2017

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The Institute of Modern Art  is pleased to present two concurrent exhibitions by Goldin+Senneby and Amalia Pica. These are the artists’ first solo presentations in Australia.

Opening Saturday 18 November, 5–8pm. The event is free and open to everyone. Join us for opening drinks and talks.

Goldin+Senneby: Standard Length of a Miracle (The Bootleg)

For the past ten years, Goldin+Senneby has used methods and tools inspired by the financial sector to illuminate and subvert our late-capitalist system. The IMA is pleased to present the second iteration of their mutating retrospective, Standard Length of a Miracle, which premiered at Tensta konsthall, Stockholm, last year. Responding to the challenge of mounting a retrospective in Australia and at the same time resisting the urge to pack up the physical traces of all past projects and ship them around the world, the artists will present bootlegs and replicas of major works.

For the Brisbane iteration Goldin+Senneby invited Camila Marambio and Amaara Raheem to act as interlocutors. Marambio & Raheem responded with QUIZ which led to RESULT which led to the conception of Meth(odology) Lab. During the first week of the exhibition Meth(odology) Lab will be open making TIME: an immersive set of procedures that distill and digest through lines of Goldin+Senneby’s practice.

In the main room, a plot of land acquired by Goldin+Senneby is interpreted as a stage set by artist Ryan Presley. Headless will also be activated by long-time spokesperson for Goldin+Senneby, Angus Cameron, in conversation with Mary Graham. The exhibition will conclude with a magic demonstration, Acid Money, performed by Malin Nilsson.

Amalia Pica: please open hurry

Amalia Pica’s two-part exhibition will begin with recently made works that respond to the artist’s 2014 residency at the Gashaka Gumti National Park in the rainforest of Nigeria. Pica’s practice often explores communication, misunderstanding, translation and listening. This trajectory takes on a new subject through her experience observing the lives of chimpanzees in Nigeria. Pica’s fascination with the tools created by chimps, their aptitude for communication, and complex social structures have formed the basis of two video works produced with the filmmaker Rafael Ortega, and a recent sculpture that will be presented alongside.

The second chapter of the exhibition will feature newly commissioned works, supported by the Keir Foundation, developed by Pica on a residency at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, USA, this year, where the artist is deepening her understanding of inter-species communication. Pica is working with leading primatologists to expand her knowledge of Chimpanzee language capacities and what meaning might be shared between humans and their distant relatives.

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