Event LA 2017

LA 2017

Fujui Wang & Felicia Atkinson

24 August 2017

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Parisian-born Félicia Atkinson is a visual artist, an experimental musician and the co-publisher of the independent imprint Shelter Press/curatorial platform Argument with Bartolomé Sanson. Her work deals with the topics of improvisation, fiction, instant composition, noise, abstraction and poetry. Her music is composed of concrete music, asmr voices, electronics, field recordings, improvisation with guitar and piano, abstract distortions and infra bass.

Félicia’s recent album Hand in Hand has generated a great deal of curiosity, excitement and intrigue, with Fact Magazine writing “the dying bleat of obsolete technology, the crack and stutter of her own voice, the atonal clatter of intuitively-played instruments – and sculpts them into flawless vignettes that lodge themselves deep in the psyche. Like the dystopian science fiction it references, Hand in Hand is bewitching, intense, meditative and at times, deeply unsettling.”

Expanding the invisible void with a silent glow, Hyper Transmission is a synthesis of surrounding soundscapes and visual contemplation performed by Taiwanese sound art pioneer Fujui Wang. Through kinetic hypersonic speakers, tightly-controlled audio beams travel through audience ears, like lasers refracting between mirrors. All random noise sound waves are captured in real time and magnified as static images in front of your eyes.

Fujui Wang has played a key role in establishing sound art as an artistic field in Taiwan. In 1993 he founded the country’s first experimental record label and publication, Noise, and today he is an Assistant Professor of New Media Art at the Taipei National University of the Arts. Fujui Wang has performed internationally, including 2015 Digital Art Festival Taipei, B!as 2015: Taiwan-Belgium Sound Art Exchange Project, Transmediale 2014 Berlin, TonLagen Festival 2014 Dresden, Queens International 2013 New York, Ars Electronica Center 2013 Linz, Venice Biennale 2011.

Fujui Wang and Yi Lu established Soundwatch Studio in Taipei in 2011 as a space to promote the creation, exhibition, performance and renovation of experimental audio art. Since then they have hosted performances, workshops, collaborations and dialogue between local, national and international practitioners of sound.

This is a free, ticketed event, so please let us know you can attend on Eventbrite here. All welcome!

Presented by Institute of Modern Art and Liquid Architecture.

Liquid Architecture is an Australian organisation for artists working with sound: http://www.liquidarchitecture.org.au/.

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