IMA PodcastVivian Ziherl: Water Mirrors Part I

Vivian Ziherl

Water Mirrors Part I

Additional contributions from artists Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Karrabing Film Collective and Rachel O’Reilly.

Water Mirrors organised by Vivian Ziherl of Frontier Imaginaries in conjunction with the opening Karrabing Film Collective’s exhibition The Mermaids: Mirror Worlds at the IMA. Moderated by Ziherl, the event will include contributions from artists Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Karrabing Film Collective, and Rachel O’Reilly.

Inspired by a central motif in Karrabing’s latest film, The Mermaids: Mirror Worlds, this event examines the warping of perceptions and inherent paradoxes of representation in the settler-colonial present. Karrabing members will reflect on their futurist sci-fi film that touches on contemporary issues such as fracking and chemical manufacturing.

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Karrabing Film Collective

The Mermaids: Mirror Worlds

30 Jun–30 Aug 2018

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