IMA PodcastYhonnie Scarce and Liz Nowell : In Conversation

Yhonnie Scarce and Liz Nowell

In Conversation

27 August 2021

Missile Park by Yhonnie Scarce is an exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane which runs from 17 July to 18 September, 2021.

Recorded via video conference on the 27th of August, the artist is joined by IMA Executive Director Liz Nowell in conversation.

Yhonnie Scarce was born in Woomera, South Australia in 1973, and belongs to the Kokatha and Nukunu peoples. Scarce is a master glass-blower, which she puts to the service of spectacular and spectral installations ranging from the intimate to the architectural, each full of aesthetic, cultural and political significance. Her work also engages the photographic archive and found objects to explore the impact and legacies of colonial and family histories and memory.

Missile Park is a survey exhibition co-commissioned by the IMA with ACCA, Melbourne. It brings together work from the last 15 years of Scarce’s practice, alongside a major new commission from which the exhibition takes its name.