Embassy at Performa 15 News

Embassy at Performa 15

27 October 2015

The IMA is pleased to announce a unique partnership with Performa, the biennial of new visual art performance in New York City. In its sixth edition and 10th Anniversary, Performa 15 highlights Australia as a focus for the Pavilion Without Walls.


Together with Performa, the IMA is bringing artist and activist Richard Bell’s Embassy (2013–ongoing) to New York, 4–7 November 2015. The project will feature contributions by artists, activists, curators and thinkers, including Vernon Ah Kee, Emory Douglas, Darlene Johnson, Lee-Ann Martin, Sylvia McAdam, Alan Michelson, Stuart Ringholt, and Terry Smith.


This project is co-produced by the IMA and Performa and supported by Arts Queensland and Milani Gallery, Brisbane.


Richard Bell, Embassy (2013), installation, 5th Moscow Biennial. Photo by Yackov Petchenin, courtesy of Moscow Biennial Art Foundation, Russia. Copyright the artists and Milani Gallery, Brisbane.