Ian Haig

Ian Haig

Chronicles of the New Human Organism

27 November–26 February 201127 Nov–26 Feb 2011

An uncanny and unsettling hybrid of future consciousness and mutant flesh, and therefore true to the real transformation of our times.
—Erik Davis TechGnosis

Imagine putting a video camera into the hands of a Death Valley outsider artist convinced that the mother ship is about to land, and that when it does a new phase of human evolution will begin. Melbourne artist Ian Haig’s Chronicles of the New Human Organism is such a film. Mimicking a nature documentary, it takes us on a journey through a range of beliefs and questions relating to the origins of the human species, the significance of the reptilian mind, new forms of human sexuality, parasites, communication with the dead, and alien evolutionary technology. Delivered with a soothing yet portentous voiceover, it cannibalises the ideas of Al Fry, J.G. Ballard, Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, the Heavens Gate cult, Carl Sagan, and Oscar Kiss Maerth. It re-interprets the history of visionary thinking about the human species through the po-faced filter of Chariots of the Gods and the shockumentary style of Mondo Cane. It is a perverse and compelling hybrid of educational video, new-age recruitment campaign, and cult manifesto. Grinding down the viewer with its epic exegesis, there is madness in its method. The soundtrack was composed by PH2 (Philip Brophy and Philip Samartzis).

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