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Chó Bò Làm Making Trouble James Nguyen

By: Discipline


Eds.: Helen Hughes and Amy May Stuart

336 Pages

ISBN: ISBN 9780994538895

Làm Chó Bò Making Trouble is a book based on the PhD research of artist James Nguyen. As well as offering exegetical analysis of Nguyen’s own work, the research examines a range of themes including institutional research culture and the politics of research ethics therein; archival art and activism; the act of translation, migration, Australian settler-colonialism, and Indigenous land acknowledgements; cross-generational experiences of postwar Vietnamese diaspora; and the legacies of Vietnamese feminist poetry, including poetry by the artist’s mother herself, Nguyen Thi Kim Dung. The book features a foreword by Bundjalung, Kamilaroi, and MuruWarri artist and educator, Professor Brian Martin.


Edition of 400

Zenobia Ahmed


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