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Etching Past & Present: Paul Bong, Yidinji Artist

By: Paul Bong


Eds.: Louise Martin-Chew & Matthew Wengert

Publisher: AndAlso Books

99 Pages

ISBN: 9780648905134

‘My ancestors defended our country and our people with these shields.  I defend my culture today with my shields — in art.’

Paul Bong is a Yidinji artist from North Queensland.

Paul uses traditional European printmaking techniques, such as intaglio etching and mezzotint, to create modern artworks that are derived from his personal interpretation of countless centuries of Yidinji history and storytelling.  Meticulous attention to detail and hard physical work combine to give physical form to Paul’s cultural vision, which is both delicate and strong, contemporary and timeless.

Paul won the Premier’s award for Excellence at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2021.


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