Frontier Imaginaries


Eds.: Vivian Ziherl, Imara Limon

Contributors: Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Ho Rui An, Vivian Ziherl, Rachel O'Reilly, Tallara Gray (SEED Indigenous Youth for Climate Action), Gordon Hookey, Michael Aird

208 Pages

ISBN: 9789082564907

Frontier Imaginaries Ed Nº1 offers a chance to reflect upon how, why, and with what tools locally-focused projects can be meaningfully connected across vastly separate geographies. Are publications valuable means of transmitting the specific work of an exhibition across time and territories? Do more recent communications technologies offer other tools that may be more useful? From the art-making perspective, what can be learned and/or contributed to the approaches of current social movements that strive to effect local change within systems of globalised power-relations?


Following from the success of the Artist Assemblies held at the opening of Frontier Imaginaries across the IMA and QUT Art Museum, this Publications Assembly will invite contributions from artists, curators, art-historians and leading figures from within local social movements for a public dialogue that foreshadows the next phase of the project at the 8th Jerusalem Show, held upon the invitation of the Al Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art and as part of the Qalandiya International 2016.


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