Gordon Hookey



Three-colour screen print on Somerset printmaking paper, 56 x 76cm
IMA Edition of 20, $1200 (unframed)


 ‘Hope! is about humanity. What does it take for us to be the most ethical people we can be? It is so important that these words belong to everyone, that they reside in all of us.’

—Gordon Hookey  


Hope! (2023) is a three-colour screen print by renowned Waanyi artist Gordon Hookey. In Hope!, Hookey asks us to live with empathy and respect, and reminds us that kindness is common to humankind. This message is meant to be shared widely, reminding us to live with these uplifting ideas in our hearts. 

Hookey is known for his biting satire of Australian culture and politics and his witty critique of racism. His idiosyncratic, graphic visual language belies his activism, in speaking truth to power and lifting up the oppressed and marginalised.  

Hope! is available exclusively from the IMA Gallery Shop. All proceeds are shared between the artist and the IMA, helping fund our exhibition program and artist commissions. 


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