Making Art Work


Contributors: Llewellyn Millhouse, Liz Nowell, Tulleah Pearce, Sophia Nampitjinpa Sambono, Sarah Thomson, Ian Were, Sarah Werkmeister, Yen-Rong Wong

Publisher: Institute of Modern Art

246 Pages

This publication documents an initiative of the Institute of Modern Art, Making Art Work which proposed an experimental role for the institution as administrators of economic stimulus for artists.

Taking place across 2020—during and post COVID-19 lockdowns—the project saw over 40 artists commissioned to create new works that reinforced the importance of creative labour at a time when the cultural and economic value of art had been diminished. Drawing from the politicised language of the crisis, each artist responded to the provocations posed by four curatorial pillars; Unprecedented Times, Industrial Actions, Permanent Revolution, and Relief Measures.

Artist commissions spanned objects, texts, workshops, ephemeral projects, and more with the outcomes presented via, and at the IMA Belltower. This publication complies these artworks alongside new essays from Sophia Nampitjinpa Sambono, Ian Were, Sarah Werkmeister, and Yen-Rong Wong, and a foreword from IMA staff Llewellyn Millhouse, Liz Nowell, Tulleah Pearce, and Sarah Thomson to create a document celebrating Queensland art and artists.

Making Art Work commissioned artists included: Tony Albert, Kieron Anderson, Mariam Arcilla, Maeve Baker, Richard Bell, Mia Boe, Hannah Brontë, Michael Candy, Emil Cañita, Jacquie Chlanda, Monika Noémi Correa, Merinda Davies, Julian Day, Digi Youth Arts, ∑gg√e|n, Ana Paula Estrada, Chantal Fraser, Hannah Gartside, Mindy Gill, Channon Goodwin, Kinly Grey, Daisy Hamlot, Susan Hawkins, Rachael Haynes, Gordon Hookey, Natalya Hughes, Inkahoots, Peter Kozak, Jenna Lee, Mia McAuslan & Jon Tjhia, Amelia McLeish, Archie Moore, Tori-Jay Mordey, Sally Olds, Steven Oliver, Sarah Poulgrain, Refugee Solidarity Meanjin, Angelica Roache-Wilson, Amy Sargeant, Shandy, Jacqui Shelton, Des Skordilis, Hannah Smith, David Spooner, Grant Stevens, Tyza Stewart, and Liesel Zink.