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Mini Hand Hooks by Liz Lau

Little manicured hands wired onto surgical steel hooks.

Please note that as these little hands are cut out of swirled acrylic, each hand will differ in pattern slightly.
Mixed Purple and Marbled White have a drop length of about 5cm.
Liz Lau Studio originally formed inspired by laser cutters. The precise translation of computer illustrations into tangible objects sparked endless inspiration. Branching into print making and ceramics, my illustrations are always the driving force behind my products. I draw from my experience as a second generation Chinese Australian. Sharing my work is sharing my exploration of identity.

Supporting fellow small businesses is high on the agenda for us. We also love to keep things local where we can, sourcing most of our supplies from Aussie businesses. We use recyclable or re-purposed packaging material and aim to mostly use packaging that is made from recycled material.

All jewellery is designed and made in our little studio in Sydney.


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