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Platypus Essentials: 00-01 Water


ISBN: 9780645766011

Water gives life, but how does water affect life? How does it hold you? It is common, precious, and transmutable. Water is beyond a tangible resource.

00-01 Water is the first issue in the Platypus Essentials series from award-winning publisher, Marilena Hewitt. There are two sides to this book: [Thirsty], a field guide seeking a queer utopia amongst the post-colonial, watery spaces of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), and [Swallow], a platform for wet critical discussion, art, and literature. It features contributions from Jordan AzcuneNat BriggsLionel FogartyLoki GrovesTay HaggartyDylin HardcastleYaseera MoosaEva PhilipsSarah PoulgrainMandy QuandrioRunning Water Community PressAnna Ren, and Kata Szasz.


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