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Stew Magazine Vol 3, #1



Naarm/Melbourne band CIVIC sit on our front cover — Stew talks with the Naarm punk outfit about their new LP, ‘Taken By Force’. We also interview 00_TwineBaby Cool, Tee Vee Repairman, Wondrous Fair, Kim Salmon and Bricklayers. Have a smattering of reviews on recent releases and gigs incl. Spice World, Osees, Screensaver, The All Mother, Tinariwen, Straigth Arrows and some other spicy tangents… 78 pages.


Stew Magazine embraces a certain DIY fanzine attitude in how music is covered. After becoming frustrated with the lack of motivated independent outlets, Stew came into existence first as a blog, then a print publication. We are focussed on documentation and opinion, curation and context… Ya know, the good shit.

Stew Mag centres it’s writing around providing:


Taking cues from great publications like DRY, Damage, SLASH and Negative Guest List, Stew values attitude over intellectualism, passion more than practice.

We’ve had many writers publish their first ever piece in Stew, and are always on the hunt for the wordy weirdos who have lots to say about music.

Despite being run by derelict 20s somethings, Stew has managed to remain in circulation since 2020 and has a steadily growing community of contributors, subscribers and stockists across the country.

We also run curated grassroots events, putting on unique underground line-ups and spotlighting artists who share our values. This isn’t a magazine focussed on covering genre so much as music that we find compelling and sincere.


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