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The Dingo Project


Publisher: Ngununggula

108 Pages

ISBN: 9780645698800

This catalogue was published in conjunction with the touring group exhibition The Dingo Project curated by Bandjalung man Djon Mundine OAM.

In Aboriginal culture, the dingo is often a humanised animal spirit, seldom seen and depicted as lawless and untamed. Men in Arnhem Land will jokingly say to each other, ‘fnhe watu’, literally meaning ‘you dog’. A canine, meanwhile, is a wild animal that is controlled and domesticated. How do you domesticate a wild animal? By feeding it, thereby making and keeping it dependent? A dog on a leash is constantly reminded of the length and limits it is tied to.

The Dingo Project investigates the spiritual mythology and historical narratives of ancestral dingoes. Addressing questions of familial and national forgiveness and Aboriginal connections to country and nature.

Curated by Djon Mundine OAM

Limited Edition 750
20 x 26 cm


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