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VAULT: Australasian Art & Culture

Issue 43 | August to October


Eds.: Alison Kubler

Publisher: Art Ink

160 Pages

Produced quarterly, VAULT identifies the pre-eminent artists, designers, collectors and enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

With an enduring interest in fashion, architecture, food, literature and the finest forms of visual expression, VAULT offers a fresh and insightful perspective into the world and mind of the creative.

Each issue champions a new sense of appreciation for contemporary creativity and speaks fluently to a community of readers passionate about the arts and corresponding culture.

Artists included in this issue: Roman Coppola, Shane Cotton, Nicol & Ford, Chantal Fraser, Sheila Hicks, Maria Kozic, Dana Lawrie, Grace Lillian Lee, Donna Marcus, Brian Robinson, Mithu Sen, Marinella Senatore, and Michael Zavrox

160 pages, 34 cm x 22 cm, soft cover, Art Ink


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