Walls Wood Hang – Carla Garcia-Durlan

The jewellery of Carla Garcia Durlan, shortlisted for the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize 2020, is a quest for the relationship existing between the three-dimensional object and painting, between art and crafts. Her jewellery is characterised by powerful brushstrokes of colour, composition and the broad variety of materials she uses, which are not normally very valuable. She is interested in the process of transformation of the materials and her pieces are filled with stains and errors that succeed each other throughout this process. The present, movement (conscious and unconscious) and immediacy are some of the concepts she extracts from this introspective journey and from observing the surroundings.


Available in

Dark blue and grey
Pink and blue
Dark blue and yellow

Medium: Acrylic paint, Wood, Marble powder, silver and wood.


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