ResourceWater Mirrors conversation moderated by Vivian Ziherl

Karrabing Film Collective

Water Mirrors conversation moderated by Vivian Ziherl

Water Mirrors organised by Vivian Ziherl of Frontier Imaginaries in conjunction with the opening Karrabing Film Collective’s exhibition The Mermaids: Mirror Worlds at the IMA. Moderated by Ziherl, the event will include contributions from artists Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Karrabing Film Collective, and Rachel O’Reilly.

Inspired by a central motif in Karrabing’s latest film, The Mermaids: Mirror Worlds, this event examines the warping of perceptions and inherent paradoxes of representation in the settler-colonial present. Karrabing members will reflect on their futurist sci-fi film that touches on contemporary issues such as fracking and chemical manufacturing.