ResourceJayanto Tan ('the churchie' 2021 Finalist)

Jayanto Tan ('the churchie' 2021 Finalist)

Classroom Activity


Hear from ‘the churchie’ 2021 finalist Jayanto Tan as they talk about their arts practice and the inspiration behind the work Potluck Party Pai Ti Kong (A Praying The Heaven God) in the churchie emerging art prize 2021.

This video is designed to engage students in the creation of a small sculpture that uses food as a symbol to express their own cultural or personal identity.

Classroom Activities:
—Explore a food that has special meaning for you and your family and create a small sculpture or series of sculptures using clay, either airdrying modelling clay, plasticine or ceramic clay. Share the story behind the food with your class, either as a short written paragraph or oral presentation


—Prepare a collective feast with your class and display this as a still life. Create a small sculpture or series of sculptures inspired by the food on display
—Then, discuss the stories behind the artworks whilst sharing and enjoying the feast as a class.

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