ResourceMichael Candy: 'FIELDS'

Michael Candy: 'FIELDS'

IMA Belltower Façade Projection


Michael Candy‘s IMA Belltower façade projection FIELDS combines drone footage of local Brisbane antennas with live radio signal recordings taken in the same area, exploring the invisible realm of radio through video.

Most radio transmissions are digital, yet they can still be heard as stereo audio when scanning the airwaves. These sounds range from beeps and boops to harsh static chunks, or sometimes melodic patterns of data.

Candy uses a spectrograph to visualize the recorded audio, cutting it with footage of antennas near to the sample location. The resulting video is subsequently corrupted and glitched by the recorded radio data. Created at random, they are beyond the control of the artist, and serve to make the invisible visible.

IMA Belltower at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and the IMA are supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


Video: Charlie Hillhouse

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Michael Candy


28 Oct–06 Dec 2020

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