Resource Transits and Returns

Transits and Returns


Tarah Hogue, Sarah Biscarra Dilley, Freja Carmichael, Léuli Eshrāghi and Lana Lopesi

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    Tarah Hogue, Sarah Biscarra Dilley, David Garneau, Lana Lopesi, Kimberley Moulton, Marianne Nicolson, Kahutoi Mere Te Kanawa
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    Vancouver Art Gallery and Institute of Modern Art
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This catalogue is a significant contribution to the emergent discourse on global Indigenous art while remaining grounded in the multi-local context of the Pacific, and Vancouver’s connections to this wider region. Co-produced with Vancouver Art Gallery, the catalogue includes a collectively authored text by the exhibition’s curators alongside two conversational texts by guest writers David Garneau and Kimberley Moulton, and Kahutoi Mere Te Kanawa and Marianne Nicolson. The essays explore the complexities of being Indigenous in the 21st century as expressed via recent art, curation and scholarship by Indigenous practitioners. Published in conjunction with Transits and Returns, the third iteration in a series of related exhibitions. Transits and Returns was organised by the Vancouver Art Gallery in collaboration with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, and curated by Tarah Hogue, Senior Curatorial Fellow, Indigenous Art with Sarah Biscarra Dilley, Freja Carmichael, Léuli Eshrāghi and Lana Lopesi and presented by the Vancouver Art Gallery from September 28, 2019 to February 23, 2020. The Commute, the first iteration, was presented at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane from September 22 to December 22, 2018. Layover, the second iteration, was presented at Artspace Aotearoa from March 15 to May 25, 2019.

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