Event Archie Moore & David M. Thomas

Archie Moore & David M. Thomas

First Thursdays

06 July 2017

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Join us for a wig-shaking, head-banging evening as artists Archie Moore and David M. Thomas present a night of subtropical goth under their collaborative moniker ∑GG√E|N.

Metal post-punk band ∑GG√E|N are taking over the IMA and bringing their friends. This First Thursday promises to be exciting evening of classic rock, no-wave mayhem, video collage, tall wigs, and black leather! Led by Moore and Thomas styled as their face-painted alter egos Magnus O’Pus, and David Ethix alongside other members Chells Bells and Conwae Twitter, ∑GG√E|N will present an experience they describe as ‘subtropical goth and metal polyamory’.

This ‘polyamorous’ adventure will see them invite artists who moonlight as musicians (or musicians that moonlight as artists), to join them for the night. Guests include Sandra Selig, installation artist and one half of Brisbane’s electronic duo Primitive Motion and emerging Brisbane artist and musician Callum Galletly, with a special guest appearance by members of the extended Eggvein family – D’Wight Yokem (filmmaker/actor, Geoffrey Vagg) and Josh Watson. The infamous Wolvie Trash will play a DJ set of ‘No Wave/Gay Disco’, and digital media and performance artist Heath Franco, will join in collaboration with Moore and Thomas to create a full-on sensory experience.

In 2011 artists Archie Moore and David M. Thomas began a musical collaboration, ∑GG√E|N, which continues to be active in an expanded form. Currently ∑GG√E|N consists of artists and musicians: Magnus O’Pus (Archie Moore); David Ethix (David M. Thomas); Conwae Twitter (Conwae Burrell); Chellz Bellz (Chelsea Charlton); Rand M. Strange (Paul Wrigley); and D.White Yokem (Geoffrey Vagg).

This free event coincides with the launch of ∑GG√E|N’s LP ∑√|££. Register your spot to this event through Eventbrite here.

Guest Info
  • Archie Moore

    Archie Moore, an artist who lives in Brisbane, questions signifiers of identity. His practice is embedded in Aboriginal politics and the wider concerns of racism. Uncertainty is a recurrent theme pertaining to his paternal Kamilaroi heritage. Exhibitions include 20th Biennale of Sydney (2016); The National: New Australian Art, Carriageworks, Sydney (2017); and Defying Empire: 3rd National Indigenous Art Triennial, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (2017).

    David Thomas

    Whilst primarily a visual artist, increasingly David Thomas‘s practice challenges the boundaries between acknowledged art forms. These boundaries often appear as conventions of presentation and formal category in his ever-expanding practice. A key strategy for Thomas’s work is the solicitation of groups to create directed collaborative events, exhibitions and work. Thomas has collaborated with visual artists and musicians from the early 1990’s onwards, producing bands, live events, videos, LPs, CDs and Cassettes.

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