Event Vitality becomes you: the essence of a flower essence

Vitality becomes you: the essence of a flower essence


06 March 2021

For her exhibition To the Curve of YouCaitlin Franzmann and mindbody healer Annie Meredith created a flower essence using Achira (Canna indica)—’a grounded, bold, and flirtatious plant that supports vitality and innate expression’. Take a vial of flower essence and experience its life force and vibrational imprint. Franzmann and Meredith discuss flower essences—what they are, how they are made, and how they heal. This event will double as the launch of Meredith’s new Heart Radiance Essences range.


Guest Info
  • Annie Meredith is an expert in flower essences, with close to fifty years experience in vibrational medicine, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine. She created Heart Radiance Essences (formerly Spirit of Woman), vibrational medicine that embodies togetherness and unity, energetic health and harmony.

    Caitlin Franzmann has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; New Museum, New York; and Kyoto Art Centre. She was a member of the feminist art collective Level from 2013 to 2017, co-curating exhibitions and forums focused on generating dialogue around gender, feminism, and contemporary art. She is a member of Ensayos, an international collective research practice centred on extinction, human geography, and coastal health.

Caitlin Franzmann 'To the Curve of You (Achira)' 2020.

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