Event Who gets to 'know'

Who gets to 'know'

Education and alternative knowledge

23 June 2022

Join organisers from Brisbane Free University and The Resistance for a collaborative and hands on workshop to further explore the themes addressed in An Alternative Economics.

Through facilitated speculation guided by anticapitalist methodologies, you will imagine alternative economies of education and knowing: collaborative, relational, commoned, place based, accountable, and oriented toward justice. You will consider what counts as knowledge, the political and economic imperatives at stake in the commodification of education, and the age-old question of who gets to ‘know’.

These ideas and possibilities will be mapped and we’ll wonder together to conceive methods for enacting these alternatives in the present. By exploring alternative visions for an education system that can better sustain us, we’ll develop equity and collective resilience for the future.

An Alternative Economics brings together Australian and international artists who use art to explore and expand on the creation of value. Guided by the idea of the circular economy and its compelling counter-narrative to the untenable model of eternal growth, each work offers a provocation to make us reconsider what is ‘counted’ in our society and why.

Guest Info
  • Brisbane Free University is a grassroots education project organised on Jagera and Turrbal land. It hosts public lectures, workshops, and a fortnightly radical reading group open to anyone.

    The Resistance is a community organisation led by and centring women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people of colour—practicing mutual aid, building community, and teaching radical theory on and around Yuggera/Yugambeh land. 

Photo: Cian Sanders.

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