IMA PodcastMariam Arcilla and Sara Morawetz: Interno Ep. 3

Mariam Arcilla and Sara Morawetz

Interno Ep. 3

with Sara Morawetz

17 July 2020

In the third episode of Interno, Mariam Arcilla speaks with Sara Morawetz, a New Mexico-based Australian artist, investigator and method maker. Sara explores the emotional and psychogeographical forces behind scientific action and systems to create durational performances and exploratory research.

Conducted over Zoom, Sara reflects on her first-hand experience of coronavirus, her collaborations with NASA scientists, and why university arts degrees are crucial for Australia’s creative currency. This episode also explores how the artist uses her body as an apparatus and an archive to create works that unveil the processes of methodological labour.

Produced and hosted by Mariam Arcilla, Interno is a time capsule that profiles artists who are recalibrating their internal lives and perspectives of home, longing, and connection during the global pandemic. With conversations taking place between Australia, North America and Asia, Interno presents a plurality of experiences that amplify artistic value and social duty in times of flux.

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Sara Morawetz, Etalon day 47. Photo: Lucy Parakhina