IMA PodcastMariam Arcilla and Sezzo: Interno Ep. 2

Mariam Arcilla and Sezzo

Interno Ep. 2

with Sezzo

3 July 2020

In the second episode of Interno, Mariam Arcilla speaks with Sezzo, a proud Ngāpuhi woman whose practice investigates what it’s like to be a modern Māori within club music and sociology. Conducted over Zoom, they explore BIPOC narratives in art, music and science, seeking solace during a pandemic, and how cultural knowledge can be manifested through the dancing body. Sezzo also discusses her early days in the Brisbane dance scene, and why she turned her back on the DJ world to pursue a new life in South Korea.

Produced and hosted by Mariam Arcilla, Interno is a time capsule that profiles artists who are recalibrating their internal lives and perspectives of home, longing, and connection during the global pandemic. With conversations taking place between Australia, North America and Asia, Interno presents a plurality of experiences that amplify artistic value and social duty in times of flux.

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