IMA Staff Profile: Jahlia Aird News

IMA Staff Profile: Jahlia Aird

Front of House and Retail Coordinator

15 May 2020

Can you tell us about your role at the IMA? 

I manage the IMA Gallery Shop; this means wearing a few different hats. I order in stock for the store, distribute the publications we produce, organise events and work with local makers. But the most important part of my role is working in the shop space with customers and patrons of the gallery.

How does it enable you to share the work of local makers in our community?

We are passionate about providing a platform for local artists and makers to display and sell their work. The IMA Gallery Shop also holds a number of events, such as special shopping nights with makers and book launches, which allows us to make connections in the community and build a strong network of passionate creatives.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite local makers that you are stocking at the IMA?

There are so many brilliant makers in Australia and I believe some of the best are from Brisbane. Kaomoji makes some gorgeous ceramics, my favourites of hers would have to be her ceramic dogs. Another maker I love would be Mabina Alaka. Mabina mixes traditional Japanese techniques she has learnt from home and more contemporary western styles of jewellery making to create intricate leather brooches and earrings.

What are your favourite products in stock at the moment? 

One of my favourite product lines in the store is definitely the Yeien tea towels, I particularly love Gunyard by Neville Torrisheba. The Yeien tea towels were created on the Gold Coast by six Indigenous artists who are committed to fair trade practices and the Indigenous Arts Code.

We also have a beautiful selection of jewellery that is always tempting me to spend too much money. At the moment I’ve been really drawn to Holliegraphic’s Mother Pearl Ring. Holliegraphic has such a fun way of looking at the world, creating bright and playful pieces using Australian opals.