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'Making Art Work' latest artists

Round 4 commissions announced

9 November 2020

Since launching the Making Art Work initiative in June, the IMA has commissioned 36 new projects that not only respond to the global the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, but more importantly seek to reinforce the value of creative labour at a time of increased precarity and apathy towards the arts.

We are excited to announce the final round of commissioned artists, writers, and facilitators in this initiative.

On 7 December see new projects online and at IMA Belltower by Maeve Baker, Richard Bell, Jacquie Chlanda, Digi Youth Arts, Channon Goodwin, Daisy Hamlot, Rachael Haynes, Inkahoots, Mia McAuslan & Jon Tjhia, Amelia McLeish, and Liesel Zink.

This final round of commissions includes a new IMA Belltower Façade Projection, performances, painting, essays, multi-media works, and more. In the meantime, head to makingart.work and visit IMA Belltower at the Judith Wright Arts Centre to explore the latest projects.

Making Art Work is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Rachel Haynes, 'We move to end violence', 2020, watercolour paper, ink, pencil, tape, metronomes and shelf, 60 x 20 x 30cm.