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Isolarii #9

A Book of My Own

By: Scholastique Mukasonga


Eds.: Sebastian Clark with Luca Mantero and Brian Ransom

Publisher: Common Era

228 Pages

Each edition of the tiniest publication, isolarii, is by its very nature a (miniaturised, printed) cousin of the It’s this one thing column. Published once every two months, the series is ‘a world of many worlds’ where, with each new addition, a different niche subject is rather beautifully and deftly explored.

A series by Common Era, the deep black ninth edition of the diminutive isolarii (meaning ‘island texts’) explores exile and migration, memory and selfhood. Named A Book of My Own, it’s presented by French-Rwandan storyteller Scholastique Mukasonga.

“For those who, despite everything, have decided to live, there will always be a home” – Scholastique Mukasonga.

228 pages, 11 cm x 7 cm, soft cover, Common Era


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