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Our Voices II: The DE-colonial Project

By: Rebecca Kiddle


Eds.: Kevin O'Brien, Patrick Stewart, Rebecca Kiddle

Contributors: Kevin O'Brien

Publisher: ORO Editions

256 Pages

ISBN: 9781943532568

Our Voices II: the DE-colonial Project will showcase decolonizing projects which work to destable and disquiet colonial built environments. The land, towns, and cities on which we live have always been Indigenous places yet, for the most part our Indigenous value sets and identities have been disregarded or appropriated. Indigenous people continue to be gentrified out of the places to which they belong and neo‐liberal systems work to continuously subjugate Indigenous involvement in decision‐making processes in subtle, but potent ways. However, we are not, and have never been cultural dopes. Rather, we have, and continue to subvert the colonial value sets that overlay our places in important ways.


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