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Vault Magazine: Issue 37

Australasian Art & Culture


Eds.: Alison Kubler

Publisher: Art Ink

159 Pages

ISBN: 9770220830572

Produced quarterly, VAULT identifies the pre-eminent artists, designers, collectors and enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

With an enduring interest in fashion, architecture, food, literature and the finest forms of visual expression, VAULT offers a fresh and insightful perspective into the world and mind of the creative.

Each issue champions a new sense of appreciation for contemporary creativity and speaks fluently to a community of readers passionate about the arts and corresponding culture.

ISSUE 37 · FEBRUARY 2022 to APRIL 2022
Matthew Barney, Huma Bhabha, Vivienne Binns, Kunmanara Carroll, Dean Cross, Zaachariaha Fielding, Naomi Hobson, Sarah Lucas, Shannon Novak, Sarah Rodigari, Nina Sanadze, Miranda Skoczek, Vipoo Srivilasa, Justene Williams & more


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