ResourceNet Positive: Alia Swastika

Net Positive: Alia Swastika

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Net Positive: What does a better art institution look like? is a lecture series asking exciting art-world thinkers to assess the value of ‘the art institution’: its opportunities, its limits, and to ask if it is a system that can be exploited for the good of all. Can the institution be made to work better, for more people—or do we need some other structure in its place?

Presented online, Net Positive asks speakers to propose alternative visions for art institutions that more closely reflect the publics they are designed to serve.

Alia Swastika is the director of the Jogja Biennale Foundation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Prior to that she has worked as Program Director for Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 2008 and is actively involved as a curator, project manager and writer on a number of international exhibitions. With Suman Gopinath, she was the co-curator of the Jogja Biennale XI, Shadow Lines: Indonesia Meets India (2011), and was one of the co-artistic directors for the Gwangju Biennale IX (2012): Shadow Lines. She had published her writings in many books and publications, including her research on women artists in Indonesia during New Order.

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Net Positive: What does a better art institution look like?

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