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Ross Manning
Reflex in Waves LP


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    Recorded by Ross Manning in Yeronga, Brisbane
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    Released by Room40 and the Institute of Modern Art
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Reflex in Waves features live performances of Ross Manning's custom percussion instruments built from steel, aluminium, timber, modified clock chimes, toy pianos, nails, and wire. Each material gives a unique timbre, and produces sound when struck semi-randomly by spinning rope 'waveforms'. These waveforms occur when two motors spin a rope attached at each end. The tuned percussive objects placed in its path together with the motion of the rope, the engines within it, its actions and reactions as it strikes objects in its path, all perform the pieces heard here. Recorded by Ross Manning in Yeronga, Brisbane, 2017. Mastered by Lawrence English. Sleeve design by Traianos Pakioufakis. This LP has been produced on the occasion of the exhibition, Ross Manning: Dissonant Rhythms. At the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 5 August-28 October, 2017. This limited-edition release is a companion to the exhibition's accompanying publication, Dissonant Rhythms. Reflex in Waves tracklisting: 01. Three Tuned Sets In Crystal 02. Where Points Meet 03. Reflex In Waves 04. Small Increments 05. Braking Formations 06. Cross A Strings

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