Resource'the churchie' finalist Agus Wijaya

'the churchie' finalist Agus Wijaya

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Born in Cianjur, a small town in West Java, Indonesia, Agus Wijaya was subject to prejudice for his Chinese heritage. In response to his experiences, Agus has developed his own visual lexicon of characters as a way to reclaim his Chinese Indonesian identity.

In this video, Agus uses an avatar to communicate – discussing the concept of anaglyphs and sharing his process for creating a digital anaglyph using Photoshop.

Anaglyphs are a visual effect that overlays two images in different colours to create the impression of a 3D image, when seen through 3D glasses.

This video has been developed to support education and learning around ‘the churchie’ emerging art prize 2022.

Related Exhibition

the churchie emerging art prize


30 Jul–01 Oct 2022

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