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Floodland : Illustrated Book

By: Jonathan McBurnie


Publisher: Argle Bargle Books

96 Pages

ISBN: 9781777008727

FLOODLAND  brings together a series of personal and natural disasters featured in illustrations and comics by Jonathan McBurnie. Beginning with the protagonist’s (referred to as ‘the King of Shitty’ or ‘King of Nails’) chronic illness, it relates a long period of bizarre artistic practices, awkward art school relationships, the brutal reality of the nine to five grind, and the transition between emerging artist and submerging artist, and culminates in the massive flood in King of Nails’ hometown.

Fast, throwaway, trashy, noisy, excessive, yet completely seductive, FLOODLAND celebrates Jonathan’s graphical achievements of the past decade. His unique point of view permeates the book created in the confines of his basement studio, where art is a medium through which he better interacts with the world around him.


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